the war

the war

Life will overcome death, and light will overcome darkness


Kyiv, Ukraine March 17, 2022


Guys: Maksym Uschenko

Philipp Derevanchenko

Pasha Sholomko

Oleg Voronko

Today is already just a next day since our country woke up at 5 am from the rockets attack on the 24th of February. Those long days changed everything. It's a big big life. Between life and death.

Our brand is from Ukraine, with a head office in the heart of Kyiv and productions in Kharkiv, Lviv and Irpin.

More than 3 million Ukrainian women and kids have fled to different countries.

All men are staying home, in Ukraine and ready to protect our country with a weapon in hands.

Can you imagine there is a long long queue to attend Armed Forces of Ukraine? For sure, cos they are the best.

We wanna show you our friends, guys, who stand in Kyiv, somebody with their couples, somebody alone.

All of them live in bomb shelters since the very first day of the war.

Everything was shot in two locations, in a bomb shelter and in the Dima's apartment, the video director, where the guys go to shower every day.

Everything is real, our goal is to show real boys.

They are ready to fight any next minute, but now they live their different lives in the heart of Ukraine, in the heart of the main goal of the enemy. In Kyiv!

In Kyiv!

Video: directed - Dima Gibshman.