was born in the heart of KYIVcity. 

The city which knows what true hedonism is. And so do we.

We don’t sell underwear. We create men’s pleasure wear. To express yourself and seduce others in any form you want.

We parade, and we salute everyone out there willing to stand out, be bright, be bold, and be free from any rules or restrictions. We believe in love, endless summer, and a festive mood day after day.

And to those who, as much as we do, want to change that old approach to men’s fashion full of boring silhouettes and mostly black boxers, we use exquisite fabrics like silk, lace, or purest cotton to create unique collections we call chords, designed to harmonize with your inner and outer selves

Because, after all, you don't need a holiday to have a parade. And this is what we underline with every piece we create.